‘Touching Hearts’

Massage Training in Cyprus.

“Touching someone’s heart for just a few moments

can touch their soul for a lifetime”


In relationships, touch is an expression of the heart, just as words are a language of the mind. The experience of receiving loving touch starts at birth when safely enfolded in our mother’s arms, we suckle milk from her breasts. Children who are touched with love are usually more content and balanced than those deprived of this gift but unfortunately, many social environments create relationships where receiving simple loving touch is a rare occasion.

The “Touching Hearts” course of workshops has been created by Michael to encourage conscious touch as an essential language of communication between loving hearts. The purpose is to build practical awareness of the nurturing roles of touch and massage in relationship. Couples particularly will benefit from this Training and it will also help to build essential skills for singles wishing to develop a new relationship.

Learning to give loving touch that is free of agenda and to receive that gift in trusting surrender are key factors in the development of harmony between two partners. By developing the energy of the way we connect with each other, our loving communication can become so much more than our habitual, instinctive sexual gestures as we expand our skills of giving and receiving love through conscious touch.

Interested in discovering more?

Come and participate at a 2hr Introductory Session to the main “Touching Hearts” Training. You can also invite your partner or a friend to join you and come together. These sessions will be taking place in Nicosia and Kyrenia, during January, February and March, on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8 pm and Saturday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm. The first session will be on January 14th.

Please see ‘Programme’ page on this site for full details of dates and venues. 



         Please book your place if you wish to attend an Introductory Session. 



The main “Touching Hearts” Training programme, taking place April/July 2015, is composed of two separate sections, each containing four workshops. These workshops involve observing short massage sequences, demonstrated by Michael, followed by the participants choosing a work partner from the group and giving and receiving the same massage sequence in turn. To ensure quality of teaching and supervision, workshop numbers will be limited to ten participants. The cost of each of the two main sections is 320Eu.

                                            Some more good news.

            By signing up together to the main Training, you can save 94Eu.

Couples, or pairs of friends, signing up for the main Training together, will benefit from a 10% discount and the 15Eu Introductory Session fee will be refunded upon payment of your inscription for the main Training.

Teaching loving touch as a language of couple relationship.       

“Conscious touch is a language of love between hearts”